The following are examples of kits available through First Aid Services (Nelson - Marlborough - West Coast - Nth. Canterbury) however the main advantage in dealing with us is that we build a first aid kit specific to your needs, and not a kit with items irrelevant to your industry (i.e. a reusable hot/cold pack in a transport industry vehicle, unless they have a microwave and freezer fitted). First Aid Services can supply kits and their contents to suit all your needs at competitive prices.

Lone Worker Kit
Lone Worker Kit

The lone worker kit is ideal for trampers, cyclists and recreational use.

This kit features essential components designed to assist individuals in an emergency or accident situation.

Advanced Driver Kit
Advanced Driver Kit

A more advanced kit than most basic vehicle kits.

This kit is ideal for the family and for the workplace vehicle. The advanced driver kit is great value for money and exceeds OSH requirements.

Medium Workplace Kit
Medium Workplace Kit (soft pack)

A popular workplace kit which is suitable for up to 10 staff.

This is a 105 piece pack and includes high specification contents packed into a premium quality case. Another kit which complies with and exceeds OSH recommendations.

Large Workplace Kit
Large Workplace Kit (soft pack)

This large 172 piece kit includes premium contents for higher risk and/or larger industries.

Components feature high absorbent dressings suitable for traumatic wounds. This kit is suitable for up to 30 staff and again exceeds OSH guidelines.

Small Pick n Go Kit
Small Pick n Go Kit (toolbox)

A great little kit for workshops with up to 10 staff.

This kit has higher risk components and is light and portable and is ideal for an emergency in the yard/forecourt.

Large Pick n Go Kit
Large Pick n Go Kit (toolbox)

This large toolbox kit caters to the workplace of up to 30 staff and is light and portable like the smaller kit.

This kit would be ideal for trucking companies with larger yards and out buildings. Again this kit carries high risk components and exceeds OSH requirements.

Burns Kit
Burns Kit

This burns kit is designed for high risk burn environments.

Featuring larger burn dressings for extreme burns (20cm x 20cm) which contain Malaleuca SP Oil - a natural antiseptic with rapid cooling and healing properties as recommended by NZ hospital and ambulance services. This kit could be a life saver.

Large Metal Wall Cabinet
Large Metal Wall Cabinet

This is a comprehensive wall kit suitable for the warehousing and manufacturing industries.

This kit is suitable for higher staffing environments and carries high risk components.